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Building a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Open Source Software

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The iText Story
told by its original developer

Buying this book is the best investment you'll ever make as a start-up founder.

My name is Bruno Lowagie and I'm an entreprenerd.

I left the company in 2018. Two years later, I sold the remainder of my shares to Crescendo, Titan, and Rivendell, three private equity companies backed by Peter Thiel. In 2022, iText Group was acquired by PDFTron. I am now helping startups with technical founders as a business angel and mentor. I notice that many engineers lack some essential skills that I—being an engineer myself—have acquired through experience over the years.

With the book Entreprenerd: Building a Multi-Million-Dollar Business with Open Source Software, I want to help other technical founders save time. I explain what you can expect when starting a company to generate the resources that are necessary to further develop and maintain your technology. I walk you through every phase in the life of a product: from idea to start-up to scale-up to exit. Along the way, I also introduce you to the vocabulary that is indispensable when talking to sales people, customers, accountants, investors, lawyers, and so on.
Bruno Lowagie presenting his book

“‘Entreprenerd’ is a great case study on how to develop an innovative business with cutting-edge technology. A fantastic read!”

Leonard Rosenthol, Senior Principal Scientist and PDF Architect at Adobe Systems

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“This untold-saga about a developer and his project is a significant contribution to the open-source ecosystem because it draws upon lessons that can educate and inspire many open-source developers. A must-read!”

Amelia Eiras, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Tomitribe

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