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Guberna's Director's Day

Guberna's Director's Day (February 23rd, 2021), was about Unlocking resilience through good governance.
I presented my view on the positive impact of having a strong board of directors from the point of view of the founder/owner of a company.
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First interview about the book

Watch my Breakout Session at the Open Core Summit 2020:

Interview about "Gebeten" (in Dutch)

Peter Snauwaert invited me to talk about the Dutch version of my book in his podcast "What's On Your Mind?"

Results of your vote for the cover photo:

These are the portraits that won the popular vote:

Portrait Bruno Lowagie   Portrait Bruno Lowagie

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Results of the Survey about the book:

The manuscript of my book "Entreprenerd" is written; the copy editing process is ongoing.
The production process (cover design, typesetting, proofreading...) will start soon.
In the meantime, more people have filled out the survey about the book.
Read all about the results of this survey here .

“Bruno wrote an incredible book on his COSS journey. Mandatory reading for technical founders!”

Joseph “JJ” Jacks, Founder at OSS Capital and Open Core Summit

“This untold-saga about a developer and his project is a significant contribution to the open-source ecosystem because it draws upon lessons that can educate and inspire many open-source developers. A must-read!”

Amelia Eiras, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer at Tomitribe

“‘Entreprenerd’ is a great case study on how to develop an innovative business with cutting-edge technology. A fantastic read!”

Leonard Rosenthol, Senior Principal Scientist and PDF Architect at Adobe Systems

“Bruno shares his profound experiences as a technical founder. While reading, you will discover the several stages in the life of an entrepreneur and his business. Highly recommended.”

Dilip Thomas, Founder at Wurreka and Developer Summit

“Bruno's success building iText into a thriving business opens the door for other software developers to do the same thing. Here is how he did it.”

Johan Vos, Java Champion and Founder at Gluon Software

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