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For the last quote of the last chapter in the book, I selected a classic: It's a Wonderful Life (1946). No man is a failure who has friends.

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Book Quotes  

  • After reading the Dutch version of this book, many readers asked me, “If you could do everything over, are there things that you would do differently?” I don’t have to think twice about an answer. Of course, I would!
  • Then again, the journey might have been less exciting. Without the obstacles and setbacks Ingeborg and I had to overcome, our success might not have been as satisfying.
  • We have made mistakes and bad things happened to us. We did some things right and good things happened to us. There wasn’t always a clear cause and effect relationship between doing well and being rewarded, nor between the errors we made and the less pleasant episodes in our lives. We did the best we could, and when we look back, the balance is positive. We have no regrets.

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I listen to music, but my taste in music is questionable. I've selected a handful of songs for every chapters. Sometimes, there's a link to the chapter, sometimes I just like the song.

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